This is a list of popular beach wedding venues in the Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia. These venues offer stunning coastal backdrops and are often chosen for their natural beauty and romantic ambiance. 

Here are ten beach wedding venues in Gippsland that are frequently considered:

  • Waratah Bay Beach, Waratah Bay: This beautiful sandy beach offers panoramic views of Wilsons Promontory and is a popular spot for intimate beach weddings.
  • Inverloch Beach, Inverloch: With its golden sands and clear waters, Inverloch Beach provides a picturesque setting for beachside ceremonies and receptions.
  • Cape Paterson Beach, Cape Paterson: This serene beach features stunning rock formations and tranquil waters, creating a unique atmosphere for beach weddings.
  • Sandy Point Beach, Sandy Point: Known for its long sandy shoreline and clear blue waters, Sandy Point Beach offers a lovely backdrop for a romantic beach wedding.
  • Lake Tyers Beach, Lake Tyers Beach: Combining the beauty of a coastal beach and a serene lake, this location provides a diverse and captivating setting for weddings.
  • Seaspray Beach, Seaspray: This pristine beach offers a sense of seclusion and natural beauty, making it a charming choice for couples seeking a tranquil beach wedding.
  • Paradise Beach, Paradise Beach: As the name suggests, this beach offers a slice of paradise with its white sands and clear waters, creating a romantic atmosphere for weddings.
  • Golden Beach, Golden Beach: With its unspoiled coastline and stunning sunsets, Golden Beach provides a romantic and intimate setting for beachside ceremonies.
  • Lake Wellington Beach, Sale: Overlooking Lake Wellington, this beach offers a unique combination of lake and coastal views, making it a memorable wedding location.
  • The Lakes Beach, Lakes Entrance: Situated at the entrance of Gippsland Lakes, this beach features expansive views of the water and is a popular choice for beach weddings.

Remember to check with these venues directly for availability, wedding packages, and any permits or regulations that may apply to beach weddings in the Gippsland region.